BlueNet Service






Smart Services


Without service, the complex, highly technological systems of the future will not be able to produce full value for users. BACHMANN Systems has therefore developed a comprehensive service concept, comprising advice, BlueNet service, training and smart services.

We work with a network of selected partners to realise this concept. Customer service covers issues like hotline support for topical issues, preferential provision of spare parts, on-site replacement service, software updates, etc.


Benefits for customers using our services:

  • Training and advice enable the customer to individually optimise systems and enjoy the best possible benefits
  • Service can vastly improve the availability of systems, e.g. through warranty extensions or an on-site advance replacement service
  • System support from direct access to the manufacturer with the best possible service quality
  • Information about changes to and new versions of the products used
  • Simplified process of obtaining spare parts and processing
  • The total cost of ownership can be significantly improved through services